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jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo Macrame Heels5

Oh so beautiful macrame shoes.  Incredibly high heels.  Finally, a model who demonstrates exactly how to maneuver a stairway in these gorgeous stilettos. Scootching down delicately, yep that’s how I would do it.

Images from elle magazine

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Oliver Yaphe Serge Mouille Lamps

At first glance this was a shot of a simple but modern room highlighting the Serge Mouille lamps.  But if you look really really closely, there in the far right corner, yes there it is, a vintage macrame hanging shelf unit come back to life!

There’s something lovely and comforting in this contrast of vintage and new furnishings that have been combined to create something so cool.  I even love the fringe balls dangling from the bedspread.  Mostly I appreciate that someone found something old, something made by hand, and found it still of value today.

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Chichi Luo Macrame Top

Chichi Luo Macrame Ensemble

Here’s a pretty sampling of macrame pieces belonging to Yingzhi Luo’s Graduate Collection 2011. I definitely favor the simplicity of the white top above. The rest of the collection is shockingly colorful, and ok, really not altogether wearable within my circle of activity. Still I love her flair for the dramatic. I was also touched by her Fashion Work Experience resume. What a leap from factory sewing worker to intern for Matthew Williamson in just two years.

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Kay Sekimachi necklaces

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to devote any time to this blog. My part time job has been more full time of late, but I’m hoping it’s only temporary and things will go back to normal soon. I hope!

Anyhoo, here is something lovely I first spotted at one of my very favorite sites my love for you. It is the work of Kay Sekimachi. A consummate beachcomber along Hawaii’s Kohala Coast, over the decades she has amassed quite the collection of shells, coral, fossils and other bits of fauna. Combining her weaving skills with her penchant for collecting eventually led to this new body of work. I love the natural essence of each piece. Nothing commercial, just nature and talent. Oh and if ever I think of myself as an avid pebble collector, turns out I’m just an amateur.

There’s much more at American Craft Magazine.

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moira douglas

Moira Douglas Velvet Macrame

Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down the internet rabbit hole, I happened upon this scrumptious velvet piece by Moira Douglas. Be sure to check out her flickr photostream here. Oh my, I long to touch each and every velvet, linen and chiffon delicacy shown there.

P.S. If you feel like tumbling, tumbling, tumbling, there’s more at flickriver.


sally england

Sally England Wall Hanging

Digging Sally England’s clean and simple macrame wall hangings and room dividers. Originally from Michigan, Sally is an artist that primarily works with fibers and textiles. In an excerpt from “Her belief is that craft can be an antidote to our newly found shrinking attention spans and obsessions with technology, and that it can calm and enlighten in a way that almost nothing else can.” – Hey kids (some particular kids I know), put that Xbox controller down and grab some big cord!

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Isha Elafi Necklace

I’ve been much too absent of late. I’ll spare you the lame excuses but one of them involved an accidental electrical incident that put my pc in a tizzy. Anyway, I hope to make it up with this really special piece from Isha Elafi. Harkening back to a Tuscon gem show I attended some years ago, I happened upon a booth that blew my macrame mind to pieces. One of two necklaces I bought that day, this one is my favorite. I love the combination of peridot green and purple and turquoise. It seems the colors of an early Spring garden.

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Monsoon Ombre Macrame Crossbody Bag

I’ve never been one of those big blingy purse carriers. Oh sure, I’ll carry a tote or my backpack if I’m cargo ladened, but usually I have my cell phone in my left jean pocket, my wallet in my right jean pocket and I’m good to go. If I carry a purse I want one that’s small and cute. So I’m simply adoring this “Ombre Macrame Crossbody Bag” available on Monsoon. Love the little size, about 9″ wide x 8″ high, and I love a little zipper that keeps things from spilling out into my car.

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Proenza Schouler Macrame Skirts

Ohh! Ahh! Love the swingy macrame skirts by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. Normally I wouldn’t think this is something you could wear just anywhere, but paired with a beautifully tailored slouchy shirt they become casual elegance.

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