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I’ll lie here and learn
How, over their ground
Trees make a long shadow
And a light sound.

– Louise Bogan

I’ve seen a couple of cute binder clip purses while perusing the miniatures blogosphere.  After viewing a couple of tutorials I thought “that looks so easy, I’ll try it myself, but with macrame!”  I followed the easy peasy tutorial for the fuchsia lining at Mini 1 to 12.

To begin the macrame, I attached all the knotting cords to a single holding cord using Larks Head knots.  I tightly tied the holding cord to the top of the binder clip.  The Larks Head knots were coaxed into an even distribution completely covering the holding cord. From that point it would have been just like any other macrame project were it not for my curly cord and the teensy weensy constraint of it all.

Actually this project was started a few months ago when my cataracts were not so problematic.  I had laser cataract surgery last week and oh my fruit loops what a difference!  All of a sudden the world is brighter and clearer.  I can read better, drive better, see the dust build-up in my house better, and macrame again.  How lovely.


If you’re like me you get way too many advertising emails in your inbox every day.  But if you want a quick alternative fashion fix, I would recommend signing up for etsy’s fashion newsletter.  Yesterday’s “Pioneer Woman” featured the above handmade leather macrame purses by christijay in Echo Park, California. I’ll bet they’re buttery soft and I wish, oh I just wish I could touch each one of them.


Teeny Tiny Macrame Purse

So very teeny tiny macrame purse in the making. Actually it’s just a draft to calculate how large to make the velvet lining.

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Barbie with Macrame Purse

She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;

– Lord Byron

Just fooling around with the tiniest of macrame purses. My littlest granddaughter Tallulah loves her Barbie dolls. It’s amusing to watch her dress and undress them, or spend time folding some small cloth into a useful accessory. I sense she has a soft hand. Naturally I’m hoping she develops a heart for fabric and thread.

Barbie’s macrame purse is very simply knotted in one long rectangle then folded in thirds and sewn up the sides. I used Beadsmith cord size FFF along with matte gray triangle beads. The fringe ends were wrapped with sewing thread, then trimmed and Fray Checked. There is a silk lining that is not at all noticeable, and a sweet little brass chain that makes for a snazzy strap. All in all it’s pretty sturdy, so I think it will hold up well over time. Or in the blink of an eye when she becomes too old for Barbie, whichever comes first.

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Monsoon Ombre Macrame Crossbody Bag

I’ve never been one of those big blingy purse carriers. Oh sure, I’ll carry a tote or my backpack if I’m cargo ladened, but usually I have my cell phone in my left jean pocket, my wallet in my right jean pocket and I’m good to go. If I carry a purse I want one that’s small and cute. So I’m simply adoring this “Ombre Macrame Crossbody Bag” available on Monsoon. Love the little size, about 9″ wide x 8″ high, and I love a little zipper that keeps things from spilling out into my car.

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