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simply had to have

I couldnt live without 2011

A collection of beautiful prints I just had to have this year.  They are all slowly being framed by my new favorite framer Katherine.  Quite the expert, she works at Campbell’s Paint store here in Dearborn.  All will adorn my newly painted sewing room, which I hope to post in the not too distant future.  Now that I think about it, even my paint came from Campbell’s.  A very pretty pale blue-gray called “Morning Star”.

Top left: A Delicate Wardrobe from Diem Design Photography at etsy.
Top right: Zizzors Paper Puppet Scissors from Crankbunny at etsy.
Bottom left: Sylvia Dreams from Du Buh Du Designs at etsy.
Bottom right: Art Collector miniature vignette from Ashley Curry Photography.

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Lute Suites hotel stairs

Macrame Stairs by Angel Otero

I know it’s silly but sometimes I do searches on macrame with words that I would not ordinarily put together in the same sentence. What would happen if I combined macrame with stairs? I found these interesting hotel stairs located inside the Lute Suites, Netherlands and even more interesting “Macrame Stairs”, tar on paper design by artist Angel Otero.

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sally england

Sally England Wall Hanging

Digging Sally England’s clean and simple macrame wall hangings and room dividers. Originally from Michigan, Sally is an artist that primarily works with fibers and textiles. In an excerpt from “Her belief is that craft can be an antidote to our newly found shrinking attention spans and obsessions with technology, and that it can calm and enlighten in a way that almost nothing else can.” – Hey kids (some particular kids I know), put that Xbox controller down and grab some big cord!

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modern lace

Lovebirds by Penny Nickels

Oooooh someone I’ve had my eye on for some time is Penny Nickels over at Donkeywolf. Radically modern needle lacemaking by an equally radical artist. She is featured in the very last issue (Summer 2011) of the much beloved Fiberarts magazine. Before you run out to Barnes & Noble, check out her 2009 interview over at feeling stitchy. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish I could make lace.