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For the love of chocolate pinwheels, it’s been so long since I posted here that I just about forgot my password this morning.  Excuses, excuses… my day job has been in high gear for months and I recently lost my pc to an untimely capacitor cancer.  Well, wonderfully it looks like my work life is slowing down and I can devote some time to work on something new.

Trolling for inspiration, I happened upon these impossibly beautiful knitted lace pieces that I just had to share.  Simple but stirring is Enjoy.

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modern lace

Lovebirds by Penny Nickels

Oooooh someone I’ve had my eye on for some time is Penny Nickels over at Donkeywolf. Radically modern needle lacemaking by an equally radical artist. She is featured in the very last issue (Summer 2011) of the much beloved Fiberarts magazine. Before you run out to Barnes & Noble, check out her 2009 interview over at feeling stitchy. Oh I wish, I wish, I wish I could make lace.