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Chichi Luo Macrame Top

Chichi Luo Macrame Ensemble

Here’s a pretty sampling of macrame pieces belonging to Yingzhi Luo’s Graduate Collection 2011. I definitely favor the simplicity of the white top above. The rest of the collection is shockingly colorful, and ok, really not altogether wearable within my circle of activity. Still I love her flair for the dramatic. I was also touched by her Fashion Work Experience resume. What a leap from factory sewing worker to intern for Matthew Williamson in just two years.

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Gucci Macrame Beachwear

As I type, there is snow mist falling here in Dearborn and we’re expecting about 1 to 2 inches of light snow tonight. I realize that’s not anywhere near as bad as the snow walloping that has hit the east coast this winter. Still I very much long for the warmth of summer. About this time every year I begin to have short sweet fantasies of life as a snowbird vacationer. I’m blithely strolling along some exotic beach, sinking my toes into the warm sand and of course I’m wearing something pretty like this macrame beach coverup from Gucci. That is to say over a bathing suit that offers substantially more coverage!

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Catherine Malandrino Spring Summer 2011

Catherine Malandrino – a girl after my own heart! Her 2011 Spring/Summer apparel collection is soft and feminine and floaty. Pieces I actually want to wear. Many appear to be artisan crafted in all manner of crochet, knotwork, and embroidery. Here are a few photos of her lacy crochet and seriously sturdy macrame leather sandals and tote bag.

Now here I go again wondering aloud about the talented group of craftspeople creating these fabulous goods on a suitable scale for consumer consumption. While I can easily picture in my minds eye a roomful of seamstresses (in just about any country in the world) hunched over their sewing machines turning gorgeous swaths of fabric into designer duds, where in the world are the artists that produce this type of slow handwork? Just wondering.

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Mexican Macrame Woven Blouse

Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This beautiful woven macrame blouse from Mexico was in my mother’s collection of vintage apparel (otherwise known as her wardrobe). Mom’s not really sure when it was given to her (hey she’s 87), sometime in the late 50’s, or more probably early 60’s. She does remember vividly who gave it to her, an elderly family friend named Mr. Dafoe.

Interestingly, it is constructed from one long woven piece of fabric that is folded in half and stiched at the side seams, so there are no shoulder seams. Really interesting is that as I was thumbing through my all time favorite The Macrame Book by Helen Bress, I spotted the exact same style of blouse on page 111.

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