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Oliver Yaphe Serge Mouille Lamps

At first glance this was a shot of a simple but modern room highlighting the Serge Mouille lamps.  But if you look really really closely, there in the far right corner, yes there it is, a vintage macrame hanging shelf unit come back to life!

There’s something lovely and comforting in this contrast of vintage and new furnishings that have been combined to create something so cool.  I even love the fringe balls dangling from the bedspread.  Mostly I appreciate that someone found something old, something made by hand, and found it still of value today.

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Macrame Windows

In my all too frequent trolloping about the internet, I’ve saved these macrame lovelies for my own enjoyment.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Ancient doorway with macrame curtain, of all places via the sartorialist.

Stock photo of beautiful stone doorway available here and here and  here.

Modern French window via mary lena’s blog.

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Knupf-Arbeiten Macrame Front Cover

Knupf-Arbeitan Macrame Purse

Knupf-Arbeitan Macrame Curtain

Would you believe 1913? Yep, that’s the year this macrame book I scored on ebay was printed.  For being 98 years old, it’s in surprisingly great condition and of course I love it.  Actually a softcover, the front and back cover have a pressed paper relief of a macrame design.  Did I mention it’s in German?  I should also mention I don’t speak or read German.  That’s OK, I’m enamored of the quaint designs within.

There are super b&w photos or diagrams for each project and most of them include (what I consider) rare close-up photos of the designs.  Included is a pullout newspaper sheet with actual size diagrams of a few of the projects.  The sheet has yellowed to the point of brown but it’s beautifully intact.  Like modern day instruction books, the last 6 pages are advertisements for more books.  Some things never change!

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Antique Miniature Rocking Chair

I must confess I’m in the middle of a sewing binge right now. I’m currently consuming twice the recommended amount of fabric and defiantly defensive about changing my behavior or my perceived need to increase my wardrobe.

Until I get back to knotting here’s a peek at what my scavenging netted me from Town & Country Antiques in Livonia: another piece of furniture for the dollhouse I don’t own yet – a wee bit crooked yellow rocking chair, a rather elaborate pair of safety scissors, and a photo that reminds me of my sister and I (because we don’t look very much alike either). Draped on the chair is a macrame choker worked in Irish waxed linen that I once used as a class sample.

I hope you noticed the textured doily. My dear grandmother must have spent weeks crocheting all those yellow popcorns. The sturdiest of women, I will always be in awe of her innate talent.

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Antique Miniature with Macrame

Sometimes I leave the antique store empty-handed, sometimes I score big time. Or in this case, tiny time. Because I just can’t get enough of all things miniature, I scooped up this 5″ Oriental chest of drawers. The little vase atop was purchased at a garage sale last summer for 25 cents. Some day I would like to house all my little things in something that is not really a dollhouse but would function as one. I’m still looking for that special cabinet or cupboard.

The macrame necklace (not fully shown) is one of my first attempts at micro-macrame knotting. It’s a sampler of knotting designs that I borrowed from one of my very first beading books, Exotic Beads by Sara Withers.

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Mexican Macrame Woven Blouse

Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This beautiful woven macrame blouse from Mexico was in my mother’s collection of vintage apparel (otherwise known as her wardrobe). Mom’s not really sure when it was given to her (hey she’s 87), sometime in the late 50’s, or more probably early 60’s. She does remember vividly who gave it to her, an elderly family friend named Mr. Dafoe.

Interestingly, it is constructed from one long woven piece of fabric that is folded in half and stiched at the side seams, so there are no shoulder seams. Really interesting is that as I was thumbing through my all time favorite The Macrame Book by Helen Bress, I spotted the exact same style of blouse on page 111.

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