knüpf arbeiten (macramé)

Knupf-Arbeiten Macrame Front Cover

Knupf-Arbeitan Macrame Purse

Knupf-Arbeitan Macrame Curtain

Would you believe 1913? Yep, that’s the year this macrame book I scored on ebay was printed.  For being 98 years old, it’s in surprisingly great condition and of course I love it.  Actually a softcover, the front and back cover have a pressed paper relief of a macrame design.  Did I mention it’s in German?  I should also mention I don’t speak or read German.  That’s OK, I’m enamored of the quaint designs within.

There are super b&w photos or diagrams for each project and most of them include (what I consider) rare close-up photos of the designs.  Included is a pullout newspaper sheet with actual size diagrams of a few of the projects.  The sheet has yellowed to the point of brown but it’s beautifully intact.  Like modern day instruction books, the last 6 pages are advertisements for more books.  Some things never change!

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