not exactly lace

Not exactly lace - repair firepit screen
My goodness we live on such a beautiful planet, we should do our best to take good care of it. On trash day I’m dismayed about how much stuff we use and how much we throw away. My own best efforts to recycle-reuse-reduce are sometimes thwarted by the disposability and planned obsolescense of most consumer goods. In the case of our backyard firepit, the screening has disintegrated but the base and bowl look almost new!

Seeing that the original screen only lasted about 1 year, I’m hoping that my efforts to repair the burned out screen portion will last at least that long. I used 19 guage galvanized wire which I have to admit was a little hard on the hands. The end result is certainly not macrame, and not exactly lacy, but it does seem to me to have a woven, albiet haphazard, quality to it.



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