ultimate reference works

Surely I have struck gold upon discovering a digital copy of  Encyclopedia of Needlework by Thérèse de Dillmont. It’s located at Project Gutenberg free ebooks.  Among the many fine needle arts is an entire chapter (#11) on macrame. Every technique has a drawing or two for reference. Unlike modern pattern books the wording does not use abbreviations for knot patterns. For those of us who absolutely need visuals, there are over 90 high-quality drawings in this one chapter.

Oh but more precious was a recent stumbled upon another reference work at the University of Arizona – Computer Science, Digital Archive of Documents.  Simply titled D-M-C Library Macrame, it contains over 30 pages of gorgeous B&W photographs.  The written content is taken from chapter #11 of Encyclopedia of Needlework.  Very fine handwork indeed!


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