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lady rose

Lady Rose MacClare

Love, love, love Rose’s dress.  Of course I want to know what kind of cord has such delicacy and swings with such a soft drape?  How is it attached to the dress? Whose hands crafted such a beautiful dress?  Oh, if only I were a fly on the Downton Abbey costume department wall.

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Antique Miniature Rocking Chair

I must confess I’m in the middle of a sewing binge right now. I’m currently consuming twice the recommended amount of fabric and defiantly defensive about changing my behavior or my perceived need to increase my wardrobe.

Until I get back to knotting here’s a peek at what my scavenging netted me from Town & Country Antiques in Livonia: another piece of furniture for the dollhouse I don’t own yet – a wee bit crooked yellow rocking chair, a rather elaborate pair of safety scissors, and a photo that reminds me of my sister and I (because we don’t look very much alike either). Draped on the chair is a macrame choker worked in Irish waxed linen that I once used as a class sample.

I hope you noticed the textured doily. My dear grandmother must have spent weeks crocheting all those yellow popcorns. The sturdiest of women, I will always be in awe of her innate talent.

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Antiques Scavanged on Saturday

I have an ever so slight addiction to Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. I just can’t help falling in love with the romantic look of new jewelry made from old jewelry castoffs. Inspired by the Winter 2011 edition, I gathered together some odd bits I’ve collected over the years. I really liked what I have to start with but I wanted to add a certain color and flavor.

So I headed over to a great antique store in my neighborhood called Village Antiques. Even though I usually walk right past the rhinestone counter, they really do offer great gobs of sparkly jewelry delight. I seemed to head straight away to these ever so cool blue aurora borealis crystal clip-on earrings, made by Weiss (right lower).

Other bits and pieces in my tray include vintage Avon, 1 Banana Bob earring that is sadly missing its mate, hollow lampwork beads made by Sylvus Tarn, vintage glass beads, a old strand of faceted garnets, and a few antique keys I’ve been saving for a very long time. So far so good. I like to think I’m formulating something here.