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Du Buh Du Marjolaine

I have my heart set upon these beautiful art dolls by Christine Alvarado of Du Buh Du Designs. I’m especially taken with “Marjolaine’s” vintage linen dress.

Image Copyright of Christine Alvarado, Du Buh Du Designs © 2007-2011


Recently a friend asked for a hanging plant holder.  Hmmm I think the last time I made one was when I was 16.  Anyway, I gave it a go in hemp and got an idea for these miniature versions.  The beige one is the shortest at 8.5 cm and would fit a standard 1:12 dollhouse quite nicely.  The burgandy version is 10.5 cm and would fit better in a Barbie 1:16 dollhouse.

Oh yeah, that’s some tiny cord.  It’s beige Conso, size #69.  The thickness is about the same as buttonhole twist.  It’s a bit softer than I’m used to, so when I worked the tops and bottoms of the diamonds, I ran the cord through beeswax in order for the knots to hold. If you’re looking for a supplier, see stock list at Marion – Jewels In Fiber. The teensy weensy turquoise seed beads are 13/0 Cut Charlottes that I bought years ago at a bead show.

Now what’s a hanging plant holder without a hanging plant? Oh naive little me, I thought I could whip up a couple of spider plants jiffy quick.  I won’t go into my many failed attempts to create realistic leaves.  Suffice it to say that my final solution was a 49 cent grass leaf bunch from Michael’s Crafts.  This lovely grass even curls like curling ribbon.  There was a good deal of cutting, painting, curling, coating, then setting into air dry clay. Voila Spider Plants!

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