cass and andy

I couldn’t help reminiscing about Andy Williams death today.  He was one of my mother’s favorite singers while I was growing up, along with Johnny Mathis, Perry Como and a few others crooners.  My mother worked full time in a book bindery.  On the weekends she loved to play all her favorite LP’s on a portable suitcase record player while attending to the house, the kids and my dad.

Reading through one of his tribute articles I happened upon a YouTube video of Andy, Cass Elliot, Elton John (in his early 20’s), and Ray Charles.  Don’t you dig Cass Elliot’s elaborate macrame collar that sways so gracefully as she walks!

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jungjung knitted work

jungjung knitted leaves

For the love of chocolate pinwheels, it’s been so long since I posted here that I just about forgot my password this morning.  Excuses, excuses… my day job has been in high gear for months and I recently lost my pc to an untimely capacitor cancer.  Well, wonderfully it looks like my work life is slowing down and I can devote some time to work on something new.

Trolling for inspiration, I happened upon these impossibly beautiful knitted lace pieces that I just had to share.  Simple but stirring is Enjoy.

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Ashley's Wedding Bouquet

Erics Boutonniere

Time, that aged nurse,
Rocked me to patience.

– John Keats

Since about December, I’ve been totally engrossed in the task of creating fabric flowers for Ashley’s wedding bouquet.  I only wish I had been able to devote more time to posting each flower along the way.  In any case, it’s been lovely delicate work and I have enjoyed every minute.  And now it’s done.  I finally delivered her bouquet and Eric’s boutonniere yesterday afternoon, in the pouring rain.  Would you believe today is the wedding?  Yes I agree I may have cut this one a little close.  Well here we are, yesterday’s rain is a distant memory.  Today the sky is blue and the sunshine is dazzling.  I wish Ashley and Eric many love-filled years ahead.

As for me. I’m feeling pleased and at peace with the finished pieces, and oh so eager to return to my regularly scheduled programming.

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Singer 403 Stant-O-Matic

Oh my! I scored big time on this little beauty.  My latest scavenging acquisition is a 1951 Singer 403 Slant-O-Matic.  Would you believe only 25 bucks from the Period Costume department sale at Greenfield Village?  I did have to spend a tiny bit more in parts, but now she’s purring like a kitten.  I’d love to keep her but she’s a gift for my mother.  Mom may have a few memory issues but she still loves to sew and this machine will be sweet and simple for her.

I also have to give a shout out to The Sewing Machine Man in Wyandotte who helped me put the new parts in.  The very best garage shop I’ve ever seen!


Sage Green Fabric Flowers

I will be the gladdest thing under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.

– Edna St. Vincent Millay

These sage green fabric flowers for Ashley’s bouquet started out as something like this tutorial from the Weddingbee.  I digressed by adding a few sparkly sheer ribbon petals.  OK moving along, 5 flowers done, 30 or so more to go!

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jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo Macrame Heels5

Oh so beautiful macrame shoes.  Incredibly high heels.  Finally, a model who demonstrates exactly how to maneuver a stairway in these gorgeous stilettos. Scootching down delicately, yep that’s how I would do it.

Images from elle magazine

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Purple Ribbon Flowers

Upon the mound where my pearl fell,
Tall, shadowing herbs grew bright and sheen,
Gilliflower, ginger and gromwell,
With peonies powdered all between.

– translated by Sophie Jewett

The last couple days I’ve been immersed in stitching up ribbon flowers for my friend Ashley’s wedding bouquet.  Enamored by Mrs. Locket’s fabric-floral bouquet, Ashley requested something with a vintage vibe.  I’ve been collecting just the right colors, and now I’m whipping them up.  Well whipping isn’t exactly the right word, it’s more like sculpting.  This is something I’ve never tried before but I’m already foreseeing how easy it is to go bonkers with all the possibilities.

I fell in love with this soft sheer ribbon in gorgeous shades of purple and green. Not at all difficult to do, thanks to a very easy to follow Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial I found at Make It Do.  So far my strategy is to make a flower, then make it again a little bit better.


Oliver Yaphe Serge Mouille Lamps

At first glance this was a shot of a simple but modern room highlighting the Serge Mouille lamps.  But if you look really really closely, there in the far right corner, yes there it is, a vintage macrame hanging shelf unit come back to life!

There’s something lovely and comforting in this contrast of vintage and new furnishings that have been combined to create something so cool.  I even love the fringe balls dangling from the bedspread.  Mostly I appreciate that someone found something old, something made by hand, and found it still of value today.

Images from

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simply had to have

I couldnt live without 2011

A collection of beautiful prints I just had to have this year.  They are all slowly being framed by my new favorite framer Katherine.  Quite the expert, she works at Campbell’s Paint store here in Dearborn.  All will adorn my newly painted sewing room, which I hope to post in the not too distant future.  Now that I think about it, even my paint came from Campbell’s.  A very pretty pale blue-gray called “Morning Star”.

Top left: A Delicate Wardrobe from Diem Design Photography at etsy.
Top right: Zizzors Paper Puppet Scissors from Crankbunny at etsy.
Bottom left: Sylvia Dreams from Du Buh Du Designs at etsy.
Bottom right: Art Collector miniature vignette from Ashley Curry Photography.

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Macrame Windows

In my all too frequent trolloping about the internet, I’ve saved these macrame lovelies for my own enjoyment.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Ancient doorway with macrame curtain, of all places via the sartorialist.

Stock photo of beautiful stone doorway available here and here and  here.

Modern French window via mary lena’s blog.

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