smitten by a knot

Lark’s Head Knot

The Lark’s Head Knot is the traditional way to start a macrame project. The (purple) horizontal cord is used for mounting the lark’s head knots.

1) Cut lengths of cord appropriate for your project. Fold cord in half forming a loop at center.

2) From the top, slip loop under mounting cord and bring ends of cord over mounting cord and down through loop.

3) Pull the two ends of the cord until the is knot is snug. Add additional cords until you have required number of cords for your project.

For jewelry projects you can substitute just about anything for the mounting cord: a jewelry jump ring or clasp, a split spring key ring, a gemstone donut, or a shank button. For projects on a larger scale you might use: a belt buckle, a purse handle, or a curtain rod. Really any object that is durable and pleasing to you as a design element. The options are endless!

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