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cass and andy

I couldn’t help reminiscing about Andy Williams death today.  He was one of my mother’s favorite singers while I was growing up, along with Johnny Mathis, Perry Como and a few others crooners.  My mother worked full time in a book bindery.  On the weekends she loved to play all her favorite LP’s on a portable suitcase record player while attending to the house, the kids and my dad.

Reading through one of his tribute articles I happened upon a YouTube video of Andy, Cass Elliot, Elton John (in his early 20’s), and Ray Charles.  Don’t you dig Cass Elliot’s elaborate macrame collar that sways so gracefully as she walks!

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jungjung knitted work

jungjung knitted leaves

For the love of chocolate pinwheels, it’s been so long since I posted here that I just about forgot my password this morning.  Excuses, excuses… my day job has been in high gear for months and I recently lost my pc to an untimely capacitor cancer.  Well, wonderfully it looks like my work life is slowing down and I can devote some time to work on something new.

Trolling for inspiration, I happened upon these impossibly beautiful knitted lace pieces that I just had to share.  Simple but stirring is jungjung.jp. Enjoy.

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Teeny Tiny Macrame Purse

So very teeny tiny macrame purse in the making. Actually it’s just a draft to calculate how large to make the velvet lining.

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Rob Made it to South Haven  Rob at South Haven High School

Under Brady Street Bridge  Biking in Deaborn woods

I should be posting way more but I’m enjoying the summer and it’s just plain hard to stay indoors and macrame or sit at my computer any more that my part time job dictates.

Top two pics are my grandson Robert during our 2-day Michigander Tour from Gobles to South Haven, Michigan. It was 48 miles roundtrip and it was so cool!!! Along with about 400 other bikers we traversed the beautifully shady Kal-Haven trail that led us to the shore of Lake Michigan. Now as most towns along the shoreline are hilly, it was difficult to maneuver a camera and a hill, so I have no coastline pics. Here’s one of Rob standing in front of the support trailer, and one exhausted Rob lying down near tent city.

Earlier this summer we all biked through the woods that runs along the winding shoreline of the Middle Rouge River in Dearborn. Starting at the graffitti under the Brady street bridge we tried to make it to the south shore of the Henry Ford Mansion but the bugs got the best of us. Got a big kick out of the huge hewn trees laid end to end. Whoever did this, wow and thank you. We loved it.

Barbie with Macrame Purse

She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;

– Lord Byron

Just fooling around with the tiniest of macrame purses. My littlest granddaughter Tallulah loves her Barbie dolls. It’s amusing to watch her dress and undress them, or spend time folding some small cloth into a useful accessory. I sense she has a soft hand. Naturally I’m hoping she develops a heart for fabric and thread.

Barbie’s macrame purse is very simply knotted in one long rectangle then folded in thirds and sewn up the sides. I used Beadsmith cord size FFF along with matte gray triangle beads. The fringe ends were wrapped with sewing thread, then trimmed and Fray Checked. There is a silk lining that is not at all noticeable, and a sweet little brass chain that makes for a snazzy strap. All in all it’s pretty sturdy, so I think it will hold up well over time. Or in the blink of an eye when she becomes too old for Barbie, whichever comes first.

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Rachel Domm Macrame Print

Macrame as art? Check out these really cool silkscreen prints available from Rachel Domm. Supersized at 16″ x 20″, they come in two yummy flavors, red or blue. Since I absolutely love anything (really anything) if it comes in red, I ordered mine today.

I love the fact that it’s printed on newsprint because of course it will yellow with time. I’m looking forward to that. I have always loved the notion that handcrafted functional pieces, while worth all the time and effort put into making them, are nevertheless temporary objects to be used or cherished within their relative lifespan.

Also if you have a bit of time check out her perfectly lovely Macrame cut paper work by selecting Cut It Out – I & II here.

Du Buh Du Marjolaine

I have my heart set upon these beautiful art dolls by Christine Alvarado of Du Buh Du Designs. I’m especially taken with “Marjolaine’s” vintage linen dress.

Image Copyright of Christine Alvarado, Du Buh Du Designs © 2007-2011


Antique Miniature Rocking Chair

I must confess I’m in the middle of a sewing binge right now. I’m currently consuming twice the recommended amount of fabric and defiantly defensive about changing my behavior or my perceived need to increase my wardrobe.

Until I get back to knotting here’s a peek at what my scavenging netted me from Town & Country Antiques in Livonia: another piece of furniture for the dollhouse I don’t own yet – a wee bit crooked yellow rocking chair, a rather elaborate pair of safety scissors, and a photo that reminds me of my sister and I (because we don’t look very much alike either). Draped on the chair is a macrame choker worked in Irish waxed linen that I once used as a class sample.

I hope you noticed the textured doily. My dear grandmother must have spent weeks crocheting all those yellow popcorns. The sturdiest of women, I will always be in awe of her innate talent.

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little pod

Macrame with Pearl Nuggets

& it’s you & me in the summertime
we’ll be hand and hand down in the park
with a squeeze & a sigh & that twinkle in your eye
& all the sunshine banishes the dark
& it’s you I need in the summertime
as I turn my white skin red
two peas from the same pod yes we are
or have I read too much fiction?

– The Sundays

I’m oh so missing summer, and being able to listen to songs I long ago purchased but the digital rights have expired. Double Ugh! So this morning I repurchased The Sundays, Summertime with it’s reference to a pod which becomes…

…a vague segue to one of two podlike shapes I created last year. They have become my favorite micro-macrame pieces of late. Even in their unfinished state I have enjoyed staring at them. Over time I have introduced them to various elements, and now I’m finally happy with all my arrangements. I wish I could tell you what the iridescent stones are, but I plum forgot to ask when I bought them. Hanging and dangling are tiny pearl nuggets and Amazonite. The macrame was worked in Conso and C-Lon cord. The sterling silver chain and twist wire jump rings have long been in my stash.

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Antiques Scavanged on Saturday

I have an ever so slight addiction to Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. I just can’t help falling in love with the romantic look of new jewelry made from old jewelry castoffs. Inspired by the Winter 2011 edition, I gathered together some odd bits I’ve collected over the years. I really liked what I have to start with but I wanted to add a certain color and flavor.

So I headed over to a great antique store in my neighborhood called Village Antiques. Even though I usually walk right past the rhinestone counter, they really do offer great gobs of sparkly jewelry delight. I seemed to head straight away to these ever so cool blue aurora borealis crystal clip-on earrings, made by Weiss (right lower).

Other bits and pieces in my tray include vintage Avon, 1 Banana Bob earring that is sadly missing its mate, hollow lampwork beads made by Sylvus Tarn, vintage glass beads, a old strand of faceted garnets, and a few antique keys I’ve been saving for a very long time. So far so good. I like to think I’m formulating something here.


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