natural hues



My house has wings
and sometimes in the dead
of night she sings.

– Edward James

Two posts in one day!  The thing is I really wanted to get this up before I put into my little etsy shop.  It’s another piece I started before our move and finished after our move.

This macrame necklace is made with the heftier C-Lon® Tex 400 nylon bead cord. The carved Lemon Jade flowerette pairs well with the lavender, dark purple, chartreuse and bubblegum pink cords.  I’ve been saving the two 8mm amethyst beads for an occasion just like this.  A few Lemon Jade cylinders and pink Czech glass beads are lovely companions too.

On a side note I recently discovered design-seeds as a way of playing with color choices.  With my spools of cord before me I use the palette search to scope out complementary colors.  It’s an amazing way to see the color variations in nature that I never considered before.



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