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macrame of Denisse Marianela Vera

This is the work of the very talented Denisse Marianela Vera. Gorgeous and drapey sublimation printed fabrics paired up with ancient macramé at Unidentified Lines for Spring/Summer 2013.

One more thing (she said sheepishly)… about 6 months ago I started creating a new page and really it should not have taken this long but TADA!, finally a new menu item above “Knot Basics” is ready for prime time.  I really needed to get that part done first so I could finish a particular tutorial I promised a couple of readers about a hundred years ago.  Without it I’m afraid the tutorial would be dramatically long.  Keep a look out as this tab will be a continuous work-in-progress while I add new (or update previous) pages.  I really hope you find them helpful!

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