ashley’s flowers

Purple Ribbon Flowers

Upon the mound where my pearl fell,
Tall, shadowing herbs grew bright and sheen,
Gilliflower, ginger and gromwell,
With peonies powdered all between.

– translated by Sophie Jewett

The last couple days I’ve been immersed in stitching up ribbon flowers for my friend Ashley’s wedding bouquet.  Enamored by Mrs. Locket’s fabric-floral bouquet, Ashley requested something with a vintage vibe.  I’ve been collecting just the right colors, and now I’m whipping them up.  Well whipping isn’t exactly the right word, it’s more like sculpting.  This is something I’ve never tried before but I’m already foreseeing how easy it is to go bonkers with all the possibilities.

I fell in love with this soft sheer ribbon in gorgeous shades of purple and green. Not at all difficult to do, thanks to a very easy to follow Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial I found at Make It Do.  So far my strategy is to make a flower, then make it again a little bit better.



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