Cordoroy Horses Running

Red Embroidered Horse

My mother-in-law Cora made these stampeding horses from fabric scraps many, many years ago. And now we are missing her so very much. An intelligent, studious and rather serious person, she succumbed to Alzheimer’s at 94 years of age.

To say she did a lot with her life is an understatement. She raised three children and later earned a Master of Library Science. Once retired from the Dearborn Public Library she spent some time volunteering: as an ESL mentor to local Arabic women, docent at the Sanilac County Historical Museum, and a host of duties for the Dearborn Community Arts Council. I truly admired her spunk when she bought a huge commercial swing set for exercise, learned to cross-country ski, took up watercolor painting, mat framing and bowling. Lest I forget, she learned to sew at a time when there were only four fabrics available in her little town of Tompkins Cove, NY: wool, silk, linen and cotton. She also loved to do needlepoint and knit. Wow, what a woman!

Up until just a couple of years ago she was still reading a few books a month and playing the piano. Much to our surprise her personality though still intact shifted to confusing or rather amusing story telling and giggly delight. We enjoyed her company all the more.



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