smitten by a knot

something new

OK really, does the world need one more craft blog? I’m thinking yes. I have heard “inside every person there is a book waiting to be written” so I finally decided to create my own outlet for sharing my love of micro-macramé.
How do I love thee teeny tiny knots… I confess I tend to be very precise and symmetrical in so many of the things I do. My husband is fond of saying I have “quality issues” likes it’s a neurosis or something. Well OK maybe he has a small point. Truth be told I long to create in the abstract – to think in freeform asymmetrical folly. I’ll be working on that thought and blogging about once a week. I hope to offer up something you’ll find perfectly knotted.

Here’s the most recent bracelet I made to go with the awesome colors of my hippie-dippy blouse.

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